Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Painting A Cat Rock

First you need a clean, smooth rock.   The smoother the rock the better.  River rocks are best.  Wash thoroughly and make sure all soap residue is removed.

I gave the rock a dark gray base color since the cat was primarily going to be gray.

Then I drew in the outline with white pencil.  The line work is easy to change at any time.

I start blocking in the darks and some of the lights.  Primarily because I'm a bit impatient and want to start seeing it come together.

I start adding the lights and darks of the fur.  I go back and forth several times, making any final changes I deem necessary.  Here I decided to the move the arm in a bit.   Then the other details are added.

And at the end I'll spray with a top coat of varnish several times.

And here he sleeps snuggled by the front door.   (Actually, this was commissioned so he went to live with his new family.  But he rested here a short while.)

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