Wednesday, February 11, 2015

I'm back!!

Well sort of.   It's been quite a journey, these last couple of years.   I've been concentrating on my photography business so I haven't had time to work on my drawings. And with kids moving back home from college and shuffling things around I just haven't been able to.   I'm always in creative mode though, whether it's designing for photography, my website or other special projects.

We moved to a bigger house.  Bigger than what we had but not big.  I know, it's like going backwards but we didn't have the space for all our creative ventures.   With my kids grown and soon moving out again there will be plenty of space for photo equipment and art, music and illustrating.  Plus I want to have room for all my stuff, my husband's stuff and grandkids too someday.

It's winter so photography work is on hold for the most part for now.  We don't get the pretty scenery here that snow draped areas get.  Just lots of rain.    This is typically the time of year when I concentrate more on fine art and illustrations but since we moved in December I have yet to get it all organized and ready for that.   Requests for work, though, are forcing me to hurry.  And I'm anxious to be set up.  I don't even know how long it should typically take to unload a house full of boxes.  My poor husband's garage is full and he would like to be able to use it for a car someday.  Some of that is still art stuff!

I finally now have all, well most, of my art supplies in one room.  It's just a matter of organizing it all and getting cabinets for storage.   Before it had been scattered throughout the house using whatever space I could find.  Of course that made it nearly impossible to find what I needed when I needed it.    Fortunately, most of my illustration work is done on the computer these days so all I needed for that was a spot for my desk.  I'm glad to have the space now to work on real paper and get back to doing drawn portraits as well.    I was hoping to have a combo photo/ art room but they both need their own spaces.

So now it's just concentrating on getting the art room/ office organized.  I keep thinking I just need to hold one big class or have a huge art supply sale as I have more than I will actually use now.   I'm not ready to take that on just yet  though.

Did I mentioned we've been remodeling too?   Oh yes!  And that's another topic altogether but it's a huge undertaking after just moving!  It just added to the stress of it all.  I may even start a blog about that.  How does an artist remodel?  lol   Well to be honest I'm not good at it.  I hate it. But I know lots of people who like to see the before and afters.  The afters will be a while but I'll be collecting pictures as it goes along.

I also did one more foolish thing right before moving... I got a puppy.  I love her but she has definitely been a challenge to train.   She's part Aussie and Eskimo.  Everyone told me how easy she would be to train.  NOT!  I would like to say I'm handling it really well but it has been driving me nuts to be constantly watching her, making sure she doesn't mess in the house or chew on something she shouldn't.   We had put up a temporary fence so when the weather is nice she gets to be outside with our Golden Retriever of 10 years.   She has, though, managed to get out a couple of times, and we can only assume she got under the deck.  So, yes, it's definitely complicated things around here.
I can only say I hope things will settle down and get better and I suspect they will in time.

Anyway, back to art.  That's my goal in the next couple of just be ready.
Thanks for checking in!

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